Mašta Handbook - practical guide to creative activism is released!

This handbook on creative activism is intended to function as a trigger to move from thinking to doing, by sharing different methodologies, best practices, experiences, advice, anecdotes, tips and tricks. The online community and publication created by open and flat structured collective of authors is meant for youth educators, activists, artists, community facilitators and everyone else who believes in progress by bottom-up and a socially engaged microrevolution.

You can find it here -

Xchange Scotland Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Tuesday 21st May, 6pm

Xchange Scotland are having our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 21st May at 6pm. The location for the event is at Society M, in Glasgow town centre.

The event is a review of the year that has gone past, a look forward to the year ahead and a chance for the members to vote on the election of new members of the Executive Committee.

Please contact us to confirm your attendance. 

Get involed with our Creative Activism project... Spring/Summer 2013

Xchange Scotland are partners in an international project about creative activism. Creative activism is about getting out into the world and sharing critical thinking in a fun and engaging way. At the moment we are working on a Handbook of Creative Activism and we would really appreciate some new faces to work together with us. We have 2 hot topics that scream for attention!


This is a great chance for you, all the creative activists, to reach the world and share things you have already done. All you need to do is send us a nice written report about one action you have made. It has never been so easy to get into the book!

"Make Sectarianism a History lesson". Exhibitions of our Poster-writing project 2013

UNBELIEVABLE: We've almost arrived to the end of our poster-writing project!! Loads of great workshops exploring the topics of Sectarianism and Tolerance, challenging assumptions and finding new horizons... to verify that we can make a positive change on Sectarianism, indeed.

Come along to our Civic Reception to celebrate and find out more about international volunteering - Tuesday, 3pm, 9th April 2013

We are very pleased to invite you along to an event we have at the City Chambers in Glasgow to celebrate and share information about international volunteering. The event will start at 3pm on Tuesday 9th April. It will go on until about 5pm.

What is this event about? 

As you may know, Xchange Scotland is a charity set up by young people in Glasgow to use international volunteering and non-formal education to inspire and support people to make a positive impact in their own communities. We achieve this by bringing volunteers to support the work of non-profit organisations in Scotland and by sending volunteers to partners in more than 40 different countries across the world. This event is intended to be a celebration of those volunteers!