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Xchange Scotland

Xchange Scotland

Xchange Scotland is a Scottish youth-led charity developed by returned Scottish volunteers with the support of others committed to making positive change in society. We provide inspiring opportunities around the world and around the corner.

Volunteer Abroad

We send volunteers from Scotland on affordable and engaging international projects around the world, set up by local partner organisations – short term (2-4 weeks) and long-term (2-12 months).

Projects in Scotland

We work with non-profit organisations across Scotland to enable them to benefit from volunteers from overseas coming in to help with their work. Volunteers are recruited from our overseas partners and Xchange Scotland helps manage the volunteers on your project.

Global Education

We work with a wide range of groups to deliver engaging and dynamic sessions based on the principles of non-formal education. Our sessions can cover a wide range of topics and be tailored to your particular needs.


‘At first I didn’t think it would be possible to find an EVS placement that…

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It’s been just a few weeks since the group of A&M Scotland volunteers returned from…


Volunteer Experiences

  • xchange-scotlandVolunteer in Germany (Nicola - Aberdeen)
    “My Xchange Scotland project was being part of a team working at a summercamp for German young people. The centre of the camp was a big circus tent which hosted different activities. The work was varied and interesting and I felt that it made a worthy impact on the young people on the project.”
  • testimonial-volunteer-india-xchange-scotlandVolunteer in India (Harriet - Ullapool)
    “I can honestly say that my Xchange Scotland project was one of the best things I have ever done. I learnt so much about travel, culture, language, other people but most of all myself. I have come out of it with an open mind and a confidence to try all new things. It also made me aware of the difference your help can make. It taught me how there are some people out there that need just a hand up, but volunteering is not one sided – they equally have something to give to you such as stories, experience and life skills.”
  • testimonial-volunteer-austria-xchange-scotlandVolunteer in Austria (Victoria - Stirling)
    “My international volunteer project was working at a centre for young people with fewer opportunities in Austria. I got alot of support from the other volunteers – even though my project was only 2 weeks, the people that I was with by the end felt like family. I was quite scared before going away as it was the first time that I had been away on my own – so I got alot out of it. I also developed my language skills alot when I was away. I would really recommend going on a project.”
  • testimonial-volunteer-belgium-xchange-scotlandVolunteer in Belgium
    Sean and Laura went in Belgium with our partner, CircusPlaneet for an EVS project focusing on circus activities for children. They took part in an international youth circus exchange working with groups of kids in circus workshops and circus project.Both are assisting in social circus project with kids with fewer opportunities, organising a big performance delivered by kids. They also had the opportunity to plan and organise a Youth Circus Festival in July 2015.
  • testimonial-volunteer-tunisia-xchange-scotlandVolunteer in Tunisia
    “Last March I predicted in my journal how quickly my year volunteering in Tunisia would pass.  However I could never have predicted the people I would meet and how every single one of them would become a part of the EVS was an opportunity to gain further experience in the voluntary sector and in a completely new culture and way of life.  I chose Tunisia.  All expenses paid plus a monthly allowance, there was literally nothing stopping me.My average week here involves language lessons, organising activities for sick children in hospital, calligraphy lessons and taking part in/organising activities in a local youth centre.  It involves laughter, spending time with the most wonderful children and young people, being immersed in a culture that exudes peace, kindness and selflessness.  It involves travel, reawakening of the senses, leaving behind the expectations of the society I grew up in and finding my own rules to live by up in and finding my own rules to live by.Life is too short, don't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!”If you want to read more about Kimberly’s experience follow this link to have a look at her blog.
  • testimonial-volunteer-france-xchange-scotlandVolunteer in France (Glasgow)
    "Having the chance to go on this experience was a life changer for me! Everyday, the first week was a challenge, the language, the work and the fact I was away form home, but then my eyes opened to a realise the benefits I would get from being there. I gained confidence in myself, I gained knowledge in the french culture and made friends for life-who I have already visited. The best part-Teaching French people the Glaswegian Accent!"
  • testimonial-volunteer-kenya-xchange-scotlandVolunteer in Kenya (Melanie - Stirling)
    "The three weeks I spent in Kenya were fantastic, I was based in Nairobi at the KVDA centre. Accomodation suited me as I was in inside and managed to get a bed! Food was actually ok, we took turns at cooking and I learned from the local volunteers how to cook some traditiional Kenyan dishes. Kenyans themselves are the most friendliest and helpful people I have ever come across. They really want to look after you and always lend a helping hand."